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B4Chem is in crowdfunding

We are in crowdfunding to bring our product, OnePot, to the market and start the industrialization phase.

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A fully automated and remotely controlled batch chemical reactor, designed to reduce the effects of randomness and to increase the analytics. Through the innovative Matrix in-batch Technology, an immediate transition from R&D to Production is possible. OnePot reactor is All-in-One and Standalone, which ensures maximum operational flexibility being transverse to any chemical process. It allows to work with solid, liquid and gaseous reagents, at temperatures up to 200 ° C and pressures up to 10bar. The minimum working volumes is 150mL up to 1L or 5L depending on the models. More, OnePot integrate an innovative vortex-free mixing system. There is no limit to the OnePot’s network that can work in series or parallel as well as being able to connect it with different technologies, such as flow chemistry.


Make it easy and sustainable.
Discover Chemistry 4.0

  • Processes Automation and Digitalization
  • Volume independent Chemistry
  • Reduction of process Energy Consumption
  • Process Intensification
  • Circular Economies
  • Cost Analysis and Containment


Our services have been designed with our customers and their needs in mind. The process development service can be used both by those who need to quickly translate their processes into the Matrix in-batch Technology and by those who want to develop a new idea without being a professional chemist. We also offer the possibility of producing small pilot batches that can be used for market tests, thinking about startups, rather than cost reduction for those who do not need large quantities of semi-finished products or who target market niches. To meet all your flexibility needs, we have designed a OnePot rental service. On the other hand, for those looking to purchase, an assistance service is offered aimed at maintaining production levels by minimizing machine downtime.

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Emanuele Zaia

Marco is a brilliant and innovative team leader with a strong analytical approach. B4Chem products might be the next frontier of tailored therapeutic approach

Emanuele Zaina , Corporate Multichannel Engagement Manager @ Alfasigma

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